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Revival 2015

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Chris Chavez Sunday AM

Download 4-19-15 Sunday A.M. Chris Chavez --- The Keepers of the Heart.mp3

Chris Chavez Sunday PM

Download 4-19-15 Sunday P.M. Chris Chavez --- Lay Hold on Prayer.mp3

Dan Haifley Monday

Download 4-20-15 Monday P.M.  Dan Haifley --- Relating to Peter.mp3

Jon Jenkins Monday

Download 4-20-15 Monday  P.M.  Dr. Jon Jenkins --- Don't Be Deceived by the Delay.mp3

Dan Haifley Tuesday

Download 4-21-15 Tuesday P.M. Dan Haifley --- Bushels and Salt.mp3

Jon Jenkins Tuesday

Download 4-21-15- Tuesday P.M.  Jon Jenkins --- Leah.mp3

Herb Brail Wednesday

Download 4-22-15 Wednesday P.M. Herb Brail--- Before Revival Comes.mp3

Chris Staub Thursday

Download Edited -4-23-15 Thursday P.M. Chris Staub --- You Can Know God.mp3

Lampton Lidell Thursday

Download 4-23-15 Thursday P.M. Lampton Liddell --- Secure Securities.mp3

Chris Staub Friday

Download 4-24-15 Friday P.M. Chris Staub --- The Crucified Life.mp3

Larry Brown Friday

Download 4-24-15 Friday P.M. Larry Brown --- Playing Hurt.mp3

Larry Brown Saturday

Download 4-25-15 Saturday P.M. Larry Brown.mp3

Larry Brown Sunday AM

Download 4-26-15  Sunday A. M. Larry Brown - Get In The Driver's Seat.mp3

Larry Brown Sunday PM

Download 4-26-15 Sunday P.M. Larry Brown --- Where's Your Manasseh.mp3