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Dr. Stringer


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Pastor Phil Stringer

      Dr. Phil Stringer is Pastor of the Ravenswood Baptist Church of Chicago. He is an active Bible Conference speaker, having spoken at over 325 churches, camps, Christian schools and colleges covering forty-six states and twelve foreign countries.  He has appeared on over 30 radio and television programs.

      He is a visiting professor for Asia Baptist Bible Seminary (Manila, Philippines), Landmark Baptist College (Manila, Philippines), Midwestern Baptist College (Pontiac, Michigan), and Dayspring Bible College (Lake Zurich, Illinois).

      Pastor Stringer serves on the Advisory Councils for First Light Baptist Mission, the Graceway Bible Society of Canada and the Dean Burgon Society.

      He is the author of several books and booklets including:  The Faithful Baptist Witness, The Transformation, Fifty Demonstrations of America’s Christian Heritage, The Bible and Government, The Culture War, The Real Story of King James I, Biblical English, The Means of Inspiration, A History of the English Bible, In Defense of I John 5:7, Misidentified Identity, Many Infallible Proofs, The Westcott and Hort Controversy, Verbal Preservation, Ready Answers and the DaVinci Code Controversy. Find out more on how to order Pastor Stringer's books! 
      He has also written several Christian school curriculums on such subjects as Baptist History, Current Events, U.S. History, U.S. Government, and U.S. Presidents.

      He also speaks to Civic and Conservative groups on topics related to Current Events and America’s Christian Heritage.

      1975   Bachelor of Science in Bible, Indiana Baptist College
      1980   Master of Arts in Christian Education, Freedom University
      1997   Doctor of Philosophy in English Bible, Landmark Baptist College
      2004   Doctor of Religious Education, American Bible College

      2002   Doctor of Divinity, Asia Baptist Bible College, Manila
                  Doctor of Literature, American Baptist College

      Youth Pastor, Evangelist, Bible College Professor and Administrator,
      Camp Director, and Pastor.

      1975   Lifegate Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. Karl Engle



Associate Pastor Karl Engle

      Pastor Engle has served the Ravenswood Baptist Christian School and the Ravenswood Baptist Church for all thirty-one years of his full-time ministry.

      He is a 1975 graduate of Baptist Bible College of Springfield, Missouri with a B.A. in Bible. In 1989, he graduated from Tennessee Temple University of Chattanooga, Tennessee with a M.S. in Christian School Administration.

      In 2005, Landmark Baptist College of Haines City, Florida acknowledged his faithfulness and accomplishments with an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree.

      He currently serves as Associate Pastor of Ravenswood Baptist Church and Principal of Ravenswood Baptist Christian School.

Mike Snider

Mr. Mike Snider
Assistant Pastor for RU and Outreach


Michael Gray

Mr. Michael Gray
Assistant Pastor for Youth and Christian Education


Terefe A.

Mr. Terefe Anshebo
Assistant Pastor to the Ethiopian Fellowship