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Dr. Phil Stringer


$3.00 Books + S&H


Majestic Legacy - a look at the 400-year legacy of the King James Bible. The impact of the King James Bible on politics, linguistics, culture and revival.

Biblical English - A look at the distinctive English needed to convey the full meaning of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

The History of the English Bible - The story of how God worked bringing the Scriptures into the English language.

In Defense of 1 John 5:7 - The most attacked verse in the Bible (by textual critics) is 1 John 5:7. Few people have heard the overwhelming evidence for including the text in the Bible.

Mis-Identified Identity - An examination of the doctrinal and historical claims of the British Israelite and Christian Identity movements.

The Real Story of King James - Was King James really the ungodly man that the King James Bible critics claim that he was? 

The Westcott and Hort Only Theory - The influence of Westcott and Hort over modern Bible translation including, What You Have to Believe to Accept the Westcott and Hort Theory, Were Westcott and Hort Saved Men? and Were Westcott and Hort Secret Practictioners of the Occult?

The Means of Inspiration - A study of the means that God used to give His words to man.

Many Infallible Proofs - A look at the evidence for Christ including The Historical Evidence for Christ, and The Infallible Proof of His Resurrection.

The Real Story - The real lessons from some famous events of history that have been distorted by political correctness - including Pocahontas, Columbus, Nazi Germany, and the French Revolution.

Fifty Demonstrations of America's Christian Heritage - An explanation of what it means to be a Christian nation and fifty illustrations of the influence of Christianity upon America's government and culture.

The Received Text for the Whole World - Covers the importance of having a Received Text based translation for every language of the world.

Ready Answers - A response to the evangelical and fundamentalist critics of the King James Bible. Includes, Do We Have a King James Bible Today? Is Easter a Mistake? and, In Defense of Mark 16:9-20.

The DaVinci Code Controversy - A look at the theology behind the famous Dan Brown novels. A careful examination of the integrity of his historical claims.


$8.00 Books + S&H 


The Messianic Claims of Gail Riplinger - A refutation of Gail Riplinger's claims to being a modern-day prophetess.


$12 Books + S&H


Faithful Baptist Witness - Thirty-six chapters devoted to our Baptist Heritage. An explanation of the Baptist distinctives and the history of the groups that have held to these doctrines. A "popular-style" history. 

Gail Riplinger's Occult Connections - An in-depth look at the occult teachings of Gail Riplinger's that have infiltrated Baptist churches. 


$20 Books + S&H


The Heaven Rescued Land Volume 1: The History of the United States from the Colonial Period Until the Jacksonian Era and Manifest Destiny - The History of the United States from a Christian/Biblical perspective.


$25 Books +S&H


The Foundations of Our World Volume I: From Creation to the Middle Ages - World History from a Christian/Biblical perspective.


The Foundations of Our World Volume II: From the Middle Ages until the Return of Christ - World History from a Christian/Biblical perspective.


$10 DVDs + S&H


The History of the English Bible - The history of the Bible from the giving of Scripture to the King James Bible. Originally given at the University of Michigan.

Majestic Legacy - Two messages on the 400-year impact of the King James Bible. Originally given at the Immanuel Baptist Church of Corona, Michigan.


All of these materials may be ordered from: 

Dr. Phil Stringer
5846 N. Kimball Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659

All orders above $25.00 are postpaid.