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The Tragedy of Child Sexual Abuse


In 2013 the United States is experiencing an epidemic of child sexual abuse. This is what happens when you have a pornographically fueled culture. By child sexual abuse I refer to adults being involved with anyone under 18 for the purpose of sexual gratification or a sexual thrill. This tragedy is all over our public schools,and social and recreational institutions. Tragically, the religious world has not escaped these attacks on our young people. Churches, denominations, religious communions of all kinds , and youth programs have seen case after case of people abusing their positions of religious trust to sexually manipulate young people. This is a tragedy and crisis of the first order .Because of this epidemic all fifty states have developed guidelines for reporting abuse and suspected abuse. All fifty states have made religious workers mandatory reporters according to the established guidelines. This is a good and proper step on the part of civil government. Child sexual abuse is a crime and deserves to be punished by the state. We believe that we are responsible before God, the church, church members, civil government and the general population to be a part of fighting this epidemic. Abusers should and will be turned in to the authorities regardless of what position they hold, who they are related to, how popular they are or how much good they have done previously. We believe that those who violate a religious trust in order to engage in child sexual abuse deserve even harsher punishment then abusers in the general population. Parents should be able to trust religious workers. As New Testament Baptists we do not consider any church which condones, covers-up, tolerates or fails to report child sexual abuse as a legitimate Baptist church. Just as improper doctrine invalidates a church from being recognized as a Baptist church so does a deficient moral and legal standard concerning child sexual abuse. Everyone who works as a staff member or volunteer at the Ravenswood Baptist Church will be required to read this statement before they begin their responsibilities. We oppose all forms of moral impurity and the pornography that fuels so much ungodly living.